Other sequential art

Please check out my latest project After the Snow.

I have self published 2 collections of Sawbones short stories as well as 4 issues of the Sawbones series The Time Being mini-series (written by Jen Breach).

I have been published in multiple anthologies: Talgard from Gestalt, Tango from Cardigan Comics, Yuck issue 7 (written by James Andre) from Milk Shadow Books, Kagemono (written by Jen Breach) McBlack One Shot (written by Jason Franks) , and The Sixsmiths Two (written by Jason Franks) from Black Glass Press, The Misadventures of Peter Pumpkinhead from White Cat Press and Killeroo: Gang Wars (written by Tim Stiles) from Ozone Studios

pages from The Night Shift

The Night Shift is a comedy about a team of reject superheroes – wannabe’s, used-to-be’s and general oddballs – who work the night shift, protecting the city when all the superheroes you’ve actually heard of have gone home to sleep. They may not be the best of the best, but they work cheap.

Story by Lucas Testro